Linkus UC Clients

Free UC Clients for Easy Communications & Collaboration Anywhere Anytime


Windows Latest: 2.7.8
Mac Latest: 2.7.9


App Store Latest for iOS: 4.6.6
Google Play Latest for iOS: 4.6.8
Yeastar Linkus mobile client connected anywhere

Linkus can be used on Apple iOS and Android mobile phone. Linkus connects to Yeastar S-Series & P-Series VoIP PBX and provides desktop experience. Never miss a call again when you’re out of the office. Additionally, since VoIP phone calls are routed through the office PBX, mobile call costs are reduced.

Smart and user-friendly design

Linkus is designed to make calling fun and easy. When a phone number is dialed, it is completed. Plus, it remembers recent numbers so you can activate them with just a tap.

An improved experience with the new Callkit

Calls via Linkus have the appearance of a standard phone call through the use of CallKit on Apple iOS 10. The phone now rings with the standard Apple iOS user interface. This gives VoIP calls higher priority and fewer interruptions.

Take your usual place of work

The office phone number is used everywhere. Mobile users can always be reached on the office phone number. It is not necessary to use their own mobile number.

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